Red Velvet Drink


Hello everybody! On this week’s post I want to share with you another recipe using red velvet cake mix! If you buy a box of cake mix you can use both the recipes I share on my blog to use the full box.

I hope you enjoy this recipe and please let me know if you guys want to see more recipes like this one!

Happy baking,



1/2 cup of red velvet cake mix

3/4 cup of milk (you may use any milk)

6 ice cubes

1 tbsp Cream Cheese frosting

1/2 tsp vanilla bean paste


On a blender add the ice, milk, cake mix, frosting and vanilla bean paste.

On the ice crush setting mx everything together for 15 seconds.

Pour it on a mason jar and add whipped cream.


Disclaimer: I tried to make a video this time to make things a bit different, but this being my very first time making one I erased over half of the footage! I am sorry and I promise to make better next week since I learned from my experience failing this week.



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