All Purpose Flour VS Cake Flour

Hello everyone! On this post I am sharing once again a comparison between two very common ingredients in baking. I discovered the difference between the both of them nos so long ago to be honest with you.

So on this post I want to share what I learned with you guys so that those who don’t know can now know the difference and use them properly.

Quick lesson before we start with the differences: Cake flour and all purpose flour  both contain protein which eventually becomes gluten.

All purpose flour: The amount of protein in this is about 10-11% which makes whatever you are baking a lot more tough and chewy, that’s why you use this flour to make cookies and doughs for example. It is much whiter than the cake flour.

You need to be very careful whenever working with this since it can develop gluten very fast and you might end up with rocks instead of cookies.




Cake flour:

Cake flour contains a 8% of protein so whatever you make with this will be a lot fluffier and smooth. For example an Angel’s Food Cake. The consistency is very different, it looks almost like powder milk and has almost no lumps.

Sadly it is very hard to find in Guatemala so I have to order it online so I like to use King Arthur’s Cake flour. I recommend you use this flour whenever you are making any type of cake or cupcake if you want them yo be much fluffier.



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