Who is Isa?

Isa is a 15 year old Guatemalan teenager. She is not the typical 15 year old that likes to party and go every Friday to the mall. She finds comfort in listening to bands like Guns n Roses, AC/DC, Kiss and Aerosmith. Ever since she was little she has been exposed to many different paths she could take in life. She has a life long learner grandma which she spent a lot of time with as she grew up. She found an interest in cooking and doing crafts.

As she moved on her life in school she realized she wasn´t doing anything interesting with it. She used to spend her afternoons doing worksheets and studying for tests. Until one Summer she heard about this new school in Guatemala City named Acton Academy. The system works by encouraging the child to follow their dreams and passions. She switched schools and started working in her life project.

Ever since she has been exposing herself to internships in restaurants and bakerys in Guatemala City, doing Youtube videos and starting a blog. She is planning on going to college and become a professional pastry chef. Her biggest dream is to start her own business and feel like she has finally made it.