4 Steps To Get a Job Interview (For Teens)

Hello everyone! As I promised 2 weeks ago here are 5 steps to get a job interview if you are a teen! I believe getting a job is an amazing opportunity and I hope this helps as a guide.

Good luck,


Step 1

Only apply if you like the job! Do no do it for the money. Money is something you don’t have to worry about right now. So make sure it is something of your interested! For example I applied at a bakery!


Step 2

Make sure the company you are applying to is very open and different than most companies out there. Not everybody will hire a teen and give you real life responsibilities.

What I like about the place I applied is that they are very chill and relaxed, yet formal and specific about their needs when they interviewed me.


Step 3

When you write your mail (and you don’t have a CV) make sure to include everything you have done in the past that may add value to the company. You can include an online course you are taking, the link to your blog, or a conference you spoke at.

Step 4

Once you get there, be yourself! Although if you like wearing tights and hoodies on a daily basis I do recommend you switch that up for the interview! Wear something colorful and appropriate for the occasion.


Be honest about the time you have available, and if your parents can take you on time to your job. Don’t have high expectations of the money you are going to make. You are most probably going to earn the minimum wage.

Good luck job hunting!!


Sugata Mitra visits AAG.

Sugata Mitra visited 1 week ago Acton Academy (my school). You might be wondering who he is? He created the Hole in the Wall project. He was concered for the learning of kids in India and decided to try with them a different system that was being used to teach them. He made a hole in a wall and installed a computer. He would give them internet connection but it wa only available in English. He would leave for two  months and ask the kids what they learned. The kids had taught themselves how to speak English, Science, Math etc.

I was amazed. I never thought that it as possible for you to learn hard topics in a Language that you do not speak by watching and listening for two months in a computer. It also made me feel bad, this kids they have little resources and they are doing whatever it takes to learn new things and do smething with their lives and sometimes I complain because I do not get a thing right or other dumb excuses.

I would like to encourage everyone to think about and appreciate every opportunity that is given to them and do something with it. I would also like to encourage you to see Sugata Mitra´s Ted Talk.