Mary’s Workshop

This week at Acton Mary (a high school Acton Eagle) gave a workshop which she has been working really hard for the past months. She shared with us everything she learned with her mentor Margarita. Her workshop was based on the book The Influencer.

It was a 2 day workshop but I was only able to attend one day. During that session she asked us the difference between influence, persuade,  and coerce. I had never really though about the difference between all of those. It was a nice workshop and you could tell she put a lot of effort into it.



Cooking Class @AAG

Hello everyone. This week at Acton we had our first cooking class. After 2 months of carpentry we finally have something I am really interested in. Ariel, the chef that is teaching us, took us food shopping and then made pizza.

It was an amazing process, we made the dough and sauce from scratch. It smelled amazing. We all baked our own pizzas and enjoyed them during lunch time. Here are some picture of the process we went through.

Hope you enjoy,


Writing project: Interviewing Daniela Marroquin

Daniela Marroquin is a 12 year old that lives in Guatemala City. She seems to be a regular student but she recently graduated as a chef. I had the opportunity to interview her and learn a little bit more about her and what it took from her to accomplish being a chef at such a young age.

The interview was in spanish because she felt comfortable answering the questions this way.

¿Qué te inspiro a estudiar para ser chef?

“Mi hermana. Ella siempre ha sido una persona que me brinda mucho apoyo cuando tengo que tomar alguna decisión. Ella es mayor y confío mucho en ella. Además pensé que sería una experiencia única.”

¿Cuál fue tu mayor reto a la hora de tomar las clases? ¿Cómo lo solucionaste?

Mi mayor reto también fue mi mayor ventaja, mi edad. A veces la gente no me tomaba en serio por ser tan joven. Creían que no tenía la madurez y habilidades suficientes. Lo solucioné demostrándoles que siendo joven también se pueden lograr cosas grandes.”

¿Cuál dirías que fué tu inspiración día a día para lograr sacar un título?

“Mi mayor inspiración era probarme a mí misma que si en verdad me propongo algo lo puedo lograr. Creo que es algo muy importante para mí saber el poder que tengo sobre mi vida y cualquier cosa que me proponga lo lograré si en verdad me importa.”

¿Piensas trabajar como chef en un futuro? ¿Qué tienes planeado?

“Es algo en lo que sí estoy interesada pero no estoy 100% segura que es a lo que me quiero dedicar por el resto de mi vida. Es algo que me gusta mucho y gozo practicándolo pero también me gustaría adventurarme en otras cosas.”

¿En algún momento asistir al colegio afectó tu rendimiento en las clases de cocina?

“No, nunca afectó mi rendimiento. Cuando yo decidí entrar a las clases de cocina también me comprometí a seguir con mis que haceres del colegio. Tomé la decisión que mi curso durara 1 año más pero únicamente iba los sábados.”

¿Piensas sacar otro título? ¿Porqué?

“De hecho ya empezé con cursos de repostería. Espero sacar mi título en los próximos 2 años. Siempre me ha gustado muchísimo y creo que debo aprovechar ahora que soy joven y tengo mucho tiempo de sobra y lo quiero usar de una manera inteligente.”

¿Qué consejo le puedes dar a personas mayores que tú que aún no saben que estudiar?

“En verdad hay que pensar algo que les guste mucho. No se pongan límites. Eso solo hace que uno dude de sí mismo y yo considero que con ese pensamiento no se llega muy lejos. Asi que pensar en algo que les guste y mantener una mentalidad positiva para uno mismo.”

¿Porqué decidiste sacar un título sienod tan joven?

“Me quería probar a mí misma que yo puedo llegar lejos sin importar mi edad. También consideré que no hay necesidad para hacer cosas a uno le gustan muchísimo hasta que tengan 18-20 años. ¿Si hay tiempo porqué no usarlo?

Si pudieras cambiar de todo este camino, ¿qué sería?

“Creo que lo hubiera tomado más a la ligera. A veces me preocupaba mucho sobre si lograría las metas que nos poníamos en grupo por yo ser joven. Creo que si me hubiera preocupado menos hubiera sido una experiencia aún mejor. Aunque si estoy muy satisfecha con lo que he logrado.”

¿Cómo usas tu tiempo libre?

“Me gusta mucho ver programas de cocina, hay muchísimas maneras para aprender cocina aparte de ir a un instituto. Me gusta sacar provecho total y aprender lo más que puedo. Y como cualquier adolescente joven me gusta salir a pasear con mis amigas, creo que también es bueno darse descansos.”

11021155_10204796052375654_6720249580449824937_n 10494599_10152334487204818_4423681058004502911_n

On the first picture: Daniela is the one on the right. This picture was taken on her graduation day.

Second picture: Daniela and me.

Art Class

Hello everyone. On the past 2 months we had carpentry lessons, but now that we are done with our projects we decided to continue with art lessons. I am really liking what we are working on. I enjoy exploring my artistic side and practice my skills.

Before I continue I want to tell you that I am still learning.

On the first week we worked on making our folder to store our art protects. I really wanted to do something with polka dots, and I was experimenting with new techniques. This is the end result:

On the second week we took a piece of paper and made doodles in it. we couldn’t stop moving the pencil until you were fully done “drawing”. After that we searched for any shape you could find and paint it. I found a girl with huge eyes and head with a tiny body.

Mafer Gisbert visits AAG

On Tuesday we were visited by Mafer Gisbert, she is an optometrist. She shared with us her hero’s journey and what it was like to become a doctor. I really admire what it takes to become one. She did her practice at a public hospital here in Guatemala and decided to become an optometrist. She then showed us what the eye looked inside and said if we would like to see a real one. 2 volunteers got their pupils dilated and we saw them through a machine.




Stephanie Zelaya visits AAG

Stephanie Zelaya is a Guatemalan artist that is currently living in L.A. She came to visit and share with us her hero’s journey. It was very inspiring to hear her share what she has gone through her life and to realize that if you really want something you will work really hard for it and won’t let anything to stop you from doing it.

My biggest learning that I got from her were:

1: Very time you get the chance do what you love. She loves singing and as she grew up her dad would encourage her to sing in weddings, or join street artists. There is alway an opportunity to do what you love the most.

2: Start saving since you are young. You never know when you might really need the money, and you being able to pay it by yourself will be very gratifying.

3: Build up a network. Having a network is very important. You never know when you might need the help from someone and that they are willing to help you. You never know when you can help and support someone. So it is really important to have connections.

If you are interested in watching Stephanie sing here is her channel.

Sugata Mitra visits AAG.

Sugata Mitra visited 1 week ago Acton Academy (my school). You might be wondering who he is? He created the Hole in the Wall project. He was concered for the learning of kids in India and decided to try with them a different system that was being used to teach them. He made a hole in a wall and installed a computer. He would give them internet connection but it wa only available in English. He would leave for two  months and ask the kids what they learned. The kids had taught themselves how to speak English, Science, Math etc.

I was amazed. I never thought that it as possible for you to learn hard topics in a Language that you do not speak by watching and listening for two months in a computer. It also made me feel bad, this kids they have little resources and they are doing whatever it takes to learn new things and do smething with their lives and sometimes I complain because I do not get a thing right or other dumb excuses.

I would like to encourage everyone to think about and appreciate every opportunity that is given to them and do something with it. I would also like to encourage you to see Sugata Mitra´s Ted Talk.